What’s a Doula?

What is a Doula?

A Doula is another term for a “birth coach” that was a greek term that meant “womens servant”. It has been proven that having another woman there for support and information has provided a positive impact on the labour and birth experience.

What Does a Doula Do?

I am a woman who is hired by the expectant parents to assist in the pregnancy,birth and postpartum period making your journey into parenthood at ease. I’m here to give you support, information for you to use to help choose what’s best for your birth, and i am here to help the mother stay comfortable through the labour stages while keeping the partner at ease to help as much as they are comfortable as well. I am here to give you the care and support that you deserve!

How can I benefit from a Doula?

Several documents and studies have shown that having a Doula present at a Birth and in the early postpartum days was a great benefit to the new parents. Aside from woman reporting of a much more positive birth experience, it is also shown that the number of cesarean sections cut in half with Doulas present! Women are less likely to choose medial pain relief options and are more calm and in control of their birth with their Doula present. Some women are already set on wanting some sort of pain relief before hiring a doula but want more so the support, comfort and knowledge and majority of Doulas are also supportive of those decisions as well<3.Β 

What is the Cost associated with having a Doula?

The costs vary with our Doula services and different Doula packages that are available for clients of different needs!
In the near future there will be a list of packages and prices added, but in the mean time, you can Email me personally if you are interested in the packages and prices available for you at kandice.crooker@hotmail.com

* I also give the ability for you to create your own package if one doesn’t fit your family needs*

Another great informative video:Β Click here to watch!


Thanks for reading!
xo. Doula Kandice






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