4 Yoga Poses For Leaner And Stronger Legs!

We all want leaner legs! Strong legs are healthy legs, and research actually shows that the stronger our legs and rear are, the more of a calorie torching machine they make our body! #winwin right ?;) I’ve put together 4 … Continue reading

Mini- Home circuit

My mini- circuit workout for while I’m on the 3 day refresh!!
Did I mention how amazing I am now feeling??!

Check out the ‘description’ in video for workout instructions!

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Happy tuesday!!

k. xo

Watch “Lower body workout – baby weighted!” on YouTube

One of Brayden and mines favorite mini-workouts!!

While performing these, watch your posture and your form -Be sure that you can see your toes past your knees!

10 reps of each exercise
2 sets
(Or more)

Feel free to use a dumbbell if your not yet a mommy or your baby is too big πŸ˜‰

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k. xo