HEALTHY chocolates!

Healthy Chocolates!


As im sure you’ve heard me say a million times now, i have the BIGGEST sweet teeth! That’s right, not just one. ha ha!! SOO these little babies have been a life changer for me!
SO SO simple to make and store in the freezer so they don’t melt away on you!

mix together, over medium heat
-1 tsp vanilla
-1/2 cup Cocoa
-1/2 cup coconut oil
– 1/4 cup Agave / honey or syrup
-1/2 Cup Almond butter

Don’t over heat! once combined, poor into your molds and pop  in the freezer! store in a air tight container or bag 🙂

let me know what you think ❤

k. xo

Liebster Award!!!

HUGE thank you to Laura, the Author of The Wexford House Wife for recognizing us at nourished mommy with the Liebster Award!! The award is an online award given TO bloggers FROM other bloggers, its a way of accepting them into the blogging community! I am SO excited to accept this award & to be able to pass it along to others whom are just starting out like me!

There are a few rules to accepting this award:

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Why did you start your blog and what motivates you to write?
I started nourished mommy for a few reasons… one being an ‘outlet’, time for ME to just be me! Two being another way to help others with theyre health and fitness goals, offer workouts and fun&healthy recipes! I adore helping people and being around people so the chance to reach out to hundreds of people a day warms my heart!

When do you find time to write in your blog?

That’s a good question LOL! With a 7 month old whose now on the go usually while im having breakfast or while Brayden is napping and I get to sit and enjoy a coffee and some quiet time to myself!

What is your favorite/best part of your day?

Waking up to my little man, always so happy and so full of energy. I don’t remember life before him, my life has done an incredible 360 in the last year and I am just SO thankful – especially in the mornings while I play, cuddle and just take it all in!

What helps you stay sane?

Most definitely my mid-morning workout while Brayden has his cat nap & checking my messages from clients to hear how great everyone is doing, feeling and progressing towards they’re goals!

If you had unlimited funds where would you travel to and why?

ANYWHERE south! Ive been a few places but id love to get out and experience places with my little family. Brian has never left Ontario and I think he would LOVE it! I love everything tropical, and would go crazy for unlimited access to tropical fruits <3<3

What do you love most about the city you currently live in?

I currently live in a very small town -Norwich, Ontario! I wouldn’t say that I love it here, I grew up a few towns away and that’s ‘Home’ to me. I do love my neighbour, she is basically my dog and cats ‘other’ mother and is always trying to help & I love the local foods from all the local farms!

Where is your favorite place to shop (for clothes)?

hmm .. I LIVE in workout clothes, and the other time I try and dress nicely when we go out 😉 id have to way winners is one of my FAVS, sport check and recently Old Navy has become a huge favorite as brayden is growing and they ship to my door within 2 days!!! #winwin

What song puts a smile on your face no matter how many times you hear it?

‘Girls just want to have fun’ EVERY. DAMN. TIME! its just a breath of fresh air, andddd takes me back – waaaay back!

If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

I think I would stay 23. im LOVING this year of my life! Being a mommy, becoming an entrepreneur and finding just peace and happiness within my life and my little family. I truly don’t know what I would do if things were different, or where I would be for that matter! #thankful.

Who is your biggest fan?

I have an beautiful, loving, hard working mom who always has my back, 2 incredible sisters who are always there when I need anything even if its just a 2 min phone call and my MAN ❤ who goes along with every crazy Idea I have, works so hard but is still so devoted to always making me feel special and setting time out for us, its been such a crazy amazing 6 years, Im so blessed to have him as Braydens daddy & my partner!

What are three things you could not live without?

1.Brayden & Brian
2. Friends & close family

3. my shakeology… literally LOL my body I swear shuts down without it.

AGAIN thank you so much for the nomination, now id like to pass that forward ..

Why I put MY life on hold when I had my son

 I have so many people ask my why I stopped doing what I loved when I had my son, I had a new life starting and I wasn’t going to let me old one get in the way of that. Life will pass you by unless you learn to roll with it, my baby needed me and us mommies need that time with them.

At age 20, I had quit my job as a stylist in my dream salon, in hopes to have more ‘freedom’, live life a bit and make my own schedule! Within 4 months we had a salon set up in the house so I didn’t have to travel to peoples homes anymore. The home salon opened In September and by January I had to stop taking clients! I was crazy busy, working 6 days a week 6-9 hours a day! It was great!! More than I had ever thought possible at such an age! I was making awesome money, making my own hours, home with our fur babies and happy!!
July of the following year( had been self employed for almost 2 years and we found out we were expecting!!! We were soo excited! As I told clients everyone got excited but everyone also got worried…. Now they’d have to find a new stylist? I would reassure them.. Its the perfect situation, I can be home with baby, I can work around babies schedule and I’ll only need 4weeks off!

Wow had I fooled myself good!!!!

I worked up until I had Brayden, he was 2 weeks early- the most perfect surprise!! I had never been so wrapped up in a small little human before and all I wanted to do was lay there, holding his sweet little body in my arms! I was 22 when I had him, everyone said ‘your so young!’ I would smile, yes .. Yes I am! I had never been so sure of something the way I was with our new little loving family! He is so perfect, so happy and so healthy and we are so incredibly thankful for him!
So yes … 4 short weeks later and I started working… The messages were pouring in like rain, clients were getting upset when I didn’t respond right away like I used to be able to. I still remember wanting to cry every morning feeling so guilty that I had to work instead of giving him all of my attention. I made it work.
A couple months of this went by and the anxiety starting setting in, the teething started, the days got busier, he was awake more in a day and I was loving getting more awake time with him! But the messages tripled, so the anxiety tripled and my guilt tripled. I had waited so long to hold him,love him and watch him grow.. What was I even thinking?!!
I don’t get a ‘re-do’ of these days, I don’t get a re-do of watching him learn everything for the first time, snuggling him and napping together, going for walks and just being together!! I can on the other hand get a ‘re-do’ of the business/career I had built for myself.
I was done, slowly I told everyone, slowly I slowed down being done and finally the anxiety was gone, the stress, the messages it was all gone! The days got easier, I got to enjoy them more and most importantly I got to enjoy Brayden more💙💙!! Do I have a lot less income now? I sure do! Do I have to budget? I sure do! Am I happy? I sure am!! Would I trade it for the world?nope! I just wish I had done this sooner!
We have a wonderful man by our side that supports me and my decisions, loves watching Brayden grow and learn and loves knowing I get to experience every ounce of it!

I guess my point is, you cannot please everyone in this life, you can’t focus on everyone in this life. Who cares what they think, or say or if they get upset with you .. They too will come around, or become a mom and realize where your coming from. I see solo many mommies upset that they can’t go out and party with they’re friends or spend hundreds of dollars on themselves at s time anymore.. REALITY check! Your a mommy now!!! This is a full time, around the clock job! Your brought this precious little life into the world, its up to you to now show them what this life will be! Sure we all deserve some ‘mommy’ time.. I won’t deny anyone of that! But they also deserve and need mommy!!!

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, this was what I needed to happen and to feel to realize the importance of priorities! I hope if anyone reads this … You can take from it. Don’t listen to anyone, listen to your gut, your heart and your baby!! I promise you wont regret it ❤