3 Day Refresh!

this weekend I was human….

I over indulged
ate things I knew my body hated
ate more things I knew my body hated
did some baking
and ate out … a lot

this is all totally normal &Β OKAY! but how I am feeling today.. is so not okay.
its like a food hangover if there is such thing.

THANK GOODNESS today is day one of the FIRST fit for fall 30 day challenges! & in my case, I am KICKSTARTING my challenge by starting off with a wonderful 3 Day Refresh!

NO this is not a 3 day ‘DIET’, or some ‘quick fix’, but the 3 day refresh is such a lovely god-sent body cleanse with REAL FOOD after weeks, or weekends like mine, where I added a few lbs, bloated like a balloon from my body not knowing what to do with what I was fueling it with and now I am feeling HEAVY and FRUMPY!
the cleanse gives you 3 shakes a day, a colon cleanse once a day and allows for lunch and dinner as well!! ( and no .. you don’t live in the bathroom for the 3 days!!)

SO I hope that you guys keep me accountable to these 3 days as I ‘de-fluff’ and get back on TRACK while loosing a couple inches and regaining my engery!!!
I will post a picture each day and a little blurb to let you all know how im doing!
wish me luck!!



DAY 2!!!
Yesterday was hard for cravings… Didn’t help that Brian had made cookies the night before and they were taunting me!!!!
BUT I stuck it through and today I feel AMAZING!
I feel light, not as bloated and ENERGIZED which is incredible! – if you know me you know my obsession with coffee … And I have yet to have any caffeine today!
I am allowed a tea with each meal which I might cave after lunch!πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

Day 2 of 3 Day Refresh!!

Day 2 of 3 Day Refresh!!

I’ve been asked how I survive on ‘no food’ ..

Well, each shake you are given are a WHOLE foods nutrition shake ( shakeology to start the day then ‘ vanilla fresh ‘ with lunch and dinner. You can have one fruit serving ( from the food lists) in your shake, and then there are dinner recipes provided and veggie and healthy fats listed for you as well for your lunch!

For LUNCH I just had a mixed fruit shake with water, and half a small squash and I actually am FULL! My body has gotten every bit of nutrition that it needed from that meal!
Lunch on Day 2!

I am doing light/moderate exercises for these 3 days ( I will post a video later under ‘Workouts’! )

DAY 3!!

I can say I survived the 3 day refresh, no cheating and surprisingly NO cravings today! I thought for sure I’d be running for the fridge LOL

Its mind set, we are in control of ourselves, we just have to dig within for that strength! I wanted to feel better, I wanted to loose the bloat and I wanted my energy back – no, it wasn’t a walk in the park but you are NOT hungry, you get to eat and drink REAL FOODS, and in my case it was worth every minute!!!

My stomach, hip and upper abdominal areas ( see after photo) are much firmer, no more flab, giggly or muffin top when I put on my jeans! My main goal here was energy and to get back on track and I am happy to have achieved that, and happy to know my body is happy ( on the inside too ;)) after all .. That’s what matters right!
I lost a whopping 2 lbs, which is fine I wasn’t looking to drop much as every body is so very different and we all get are very own results. But I did loose a TOTAL of 7 inches head to toe.

after 3 day refresh
before and after 3dayfresh
Thanks for keeping Me accountable, off to feel wonderful and do wonderful things!


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start living today.