4 Yoga Poses For Leaner And Stronger Legs!

We all want leaner legs! Strong legs are healthy legs, and research actually shows that the stronger our legs and rear are, the more of a calorie torching machine they make our body! #winwin right ?;)

I’ve put together 4 yoga poses that you can do at home, work or anywhere you are!
Hold each pose for approx 15-30 seconds, slowly stand out of it and repeat 3 times!
Have any questions along the way? feel free to shoot me a message/email ( under contact) ❀

POSE 1: Chair Pose
** remember to keep your knees stacked over your ankles, belly engaged tight and shoulders relaxed**


POSE 2: Wide legged forward fold
** Remember not to lock up your knees, keeping belly and core engaged to protect your back**


POSE 3: Standing Frog pose
** Remember, belly engaged for poses, shoulders relaxed, knees over top the ankles**


POSE 4: Leaning crescent pose
** Remember, Legs strong! Belly engaged, trying to keep your back leg as strong as possible **


I cant wait to hear how you like it!
Don’t forget, you can share this to your facebook for future use and subscribe for more!





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