Enough “Mommy Shaming”


This boy

He is my whole heart and he keeps me going on a daily basis.
Am i exhausted? Most of the time.
Is the part of the “job” ? Most certainly.

I hear and see so much judgment from MOMS to OTHER MOMS about how theyre raising they’re babies/toddlers/kids.

Non breastfed
No soother
No blanket
No routine.

Its a bunch of BS.
I would do ANYTHING for this small human. Literally. And as long as I know it isn’t going to HARM him in any way shape of form, you can bet I’m going to be okay with it.
He’s getting 2 year molars and wants his soother outside of the crib, yeah buddy today you can cause mommy can’t imagine how your feeling.
OR , baby wants to cluster nurse cause they’re going through a growth spurt OR they just want the comfort. SO FREAKING WHAT!
Don’t enjoy nursing and get overwhelmed? than the bottle is FINE!
Want to nurse until they’re 3? GO FOR IT!
Let them. Be there for them, do what you can and follow your mommy gut.
It’s a real thing, and it changes motherhood.

Who am i to Judge you for your choices? This mommy world is freaking HARD!

Disregard all the comments or articles you read on FB about mothering and how YOU should do it. Your baby is your baby. And they are different from mine and Mary maxims up the road.

Your doing great, and this world and mothering community would be a much brighter place without all this judgment that floats around.

Rant over πŸ‘­πŸ™‹.

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