Mini- Home circuit

My mini- circuit workout for while I’m on the 3 day refresh!!
Did I mention how amazing I am now feeling??!

Check out the ‘description’ in video for workout instructions!

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Happy tuesday!!

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pumpkin patch fun!

Fall is my favorite season and I think Braydens too!!! He LOVED the colors, the pumpkins and the decoration corn! I’ve also been waiting a year to have our baby in this adorable owl hat we got when I found out I was pregnant! 💙
Hard to believe my baby is now 6 months old!





k. xo

Watch “Lower body workout – baby weighted!” on YouTube

One of Brayden and mines favorite mini-workouts!!

While performing these, watch your posture and your form -Be sure that you can see your toes past your knees!

10 reps of each exercise
2 sets
(Or more)

Feel free to use a dumbbell if your not yet a mommy or your baby is too big ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Why I put MY life on hold when I had my son

ย I have so many people ask my why I stopped doing what I loved when I had my son, I had a new life starting and I wasn’t going to let me old one get in the way of that. Life will pass you by unless you learn to roll with it, my baby needed me and us mommies need that time with them.

At age 20, I had quit my job as a stylist in my dream salon, in hopes to have more ‘freedom’, live life a bit and make my own schedule! Within 4 months we had a salon set up in the house so I didn’t have to travel to peoples homes anymore. The home salon opened In September and by January I had to stop taking clients! I was crazy busy, working 6 days a week 6-9 hours a day! It was great!! More than I had ever thought possible at such an age! I was making awesome money, making my own hours, home with our fur babies and happy!!
July of the following year( had been self employed for almost 2 years and we found out we were expecting!!! We were soo excited!ย As I told clients everyone got excited but everyone also got worried…. Now they’d have to find a new stylist? I would reassure them.. Its the perfect situation, I can be home with baby, I can work around babies schedule and I’ll only need 4weeks off!

Wow had I fooled myself good!!!!

I worked up until I had Brayden, he was 2 weeks early- the most perfect surprise!! I had never been so wrapped up in a small little human before and all I wanted to do was lay there, holding his sweet little body in my arms! I was 22 when I had him, everyone said ‘your so young!’ I would smile, yes .. Yes I am! I had never been so sure of something the way I was with our new little loving family! He is so perfect, so happy and so healthy and we are so incredibly thankful for him!
So yes … 4 short weeks later and I started working… The messages were pouring in like rain, clients were getting upset when I didn’t respond right away like I used to be able to. I still remember wanting to cry every morning feeling so guilty that I had to work instead of giving him all of my attention. I made it work.
A couple months of this went by and the anxiety starting setting in, the teething started, the days got busier, he was awake more in a day and I was loving getting more awake time with him! But the messages tripled, so the anxiety tripled and my guilt tripled. I had waited so long to hold him,love him and watch him grow.. What was I even thinking?!!
I don’t get a ‘re-do’ of these days, I don’t get a re-do of watching him learn everything for the first time, snuggling him and napping together, going for walks and just being together!! I can on the other hand get a ‘re-do’ of the business/career I had built for myself.
I was done, slowly I told everyone, slowly I slowed down being done and finally the anxiety was gone, the stress, the messages it was all gone! The days got easier, I got to enjoy them more and most importantly I got to enjoy Brayden more๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™!! Do I have a lot less income now? I sure do! Do I have to budget? I sure do! Am I happy? I sure am!! Would I trade it for the world?nope! I just wish I had done this sooner!
We have a wonderful man by our side that supports me and my decisions, loves watching Brayden grow and learn and loves knowing I get to experience every ounce of it!

I guessย my point is, you cannot please everyone in this life, you can’t focus on everyone in this life. Who cares what they think, or say or if they get upset with you .. They too will come around, or become a mom and realize where your coming from. I see solo many mommies upset that they can’t go out and party with they’re friends or spend hundreds of dollars on themselves at s time anymore.. REALITY check! Your a mommy now!!! This is a full time, around the clock job! Your brought this precious little life into the world, its up to you to now show them what this life will be! Sure we all deserve some ‘mommy’ time.. I won’t deny anyone of that! But they also deserve and need mommy!!!

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason,ย this was what I needed to happen and to feel to realize the importance of priorities! I hope if anyone reads this … You can take from it. Don’t listen to anyone, listen to your gut, your heart and your baby!! I promise you wont regret it โค



3 Day Refresh!

this weekend I was human….

I over indulged
ate things I knew my body hated
ate more things I knew my body hated
did some baking
and ate out … a lot

this is all totally normal &ย OKAY! but how I am feeling today.. is so not okay.
its like a food hangover if there is such thing.

THANK GOODNESS today is day one of the FIRST fit for fall 30 day challenges! & in my case, I am KICKSTARTING my challenge by starting off with a wonderful 3 Day Refresh!

NO this is not a 3 day ‘DIET’, or some ‘quick fix’, but the 3 day refresh is such a lovely god-sent body cleanse with REAL FOOD after weeks, or weekends like mine, where I added a few lbs, bloated like a balloon from my body not knowing what to do with what I was fueling it with and now I am feeling HEAVY and FRUMPY!
the cleanse gives you 3 shakes a day, a colon cleanse once a day and allows for lunch and dinner as well!! ( and no .. you don’t live in the bathroom for the 3 days!!)

SO I hope that you guys keep me accountable to these 3 days as I ‘de-fluff’ and get back on TRACK while loosing a couple inches and regaining my engery!!!
I will post a picture each day and a little blurb to let you all know how im doing!
wish me luck!!



DAY 2!!!
Yesterday was hard for cravings… Didn’t help that Brian had made cookies the night before and they were taunting me!!!!
BUT I stuck it through and today I feel AMAZING!
I feel light, not as bloated and ENERGIZED which is incredible! – if you know me you know my obsession with coffee … And I have yet to have any caffeine today!
I am allowed a tea with each meal which I might cave after lunch!๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š

Day 2 of 3 Day Refresh!!

Day 2 of 3 Day Refresh!!

I’ve been asked how I survive on ‘no food’ ..

Well, each shake you are given are a WHOLE foods nutrition shake ( shakeology to start the day then ‘ vanilla fresh ‘ with lunch and dinner. You can have one fruit serving ( from the food lists) in your shake, and then there are dinner recipes provided and veggie and healthy fats listed for you as well for your lunch!

For LUNCH I just had a mixed fruit shake with water, and half a small squash and I actually am FULL! My body has gotten every bit of nutrition that it needed from that meal!
Lunch on Day 2!

I am doing light/moderate exercises for these 3 days ( I will post a video later under ‘Workouts’! )

DAY 3!!

I can say I survived the 3 day refresh, no cheating and surprisingly NO cravings today! I thought for sure I’d be running for the fridge LOL

Its mind set, we are in control of ourselves, we just have to dig within for that strength! I wanted to feel better, I wanted to loose the bloat and I wanted my energy back – no, it wasn’t a walk in the park but you are NOT hungry, you get to eat and drink REAL FOODS, and in my case it was worth every minute!!!

My stomach, hip and upper abdominal areas ( see after photo) are much firmer, no more flab, giggly or muffin top when I put on my jeans! My main goal here was energy and to get back on track and I am happy to have achieved that, and happy to know my body is happy ( on the inside too ;)) after all .. That’s what matters right!
I lost a whopping 2 lbs, which is fine I wasn’t looking to drop much as every body is so very different and we all get are very own results. But I did loose a TOTAL of 7 inches head to toe.

after 3 day refresh
before and after 3dayfresh
Thanks for keeping Me accountable, off to feel wonderful and do wonderful things!


Interested in how you too can give your body a do-over, a clean up and your mind start a start over?ย fill out the small form under FIT GIRL challenges, I have monthly specials and monthly accountability groups!

start living today.



Homemade baby food!


I am obsessed! Not only is making Braydens baby food purees so simple, nutritious and cost effective but I love knowing I’m fueling his body with nothing but the purest foods I can!!!

For some veggies i buy organic frozen bags ( not mixed veggies either) but most of them I can buy fresh and make large batches!

So once you’ve steamed, boiled or baked what foods your wanting to make ( I do 2-4 weeks worth and make the couple hours worth it!) I put each food (or once they’re older experiment by mixing two) Into the blender or baby bullet until smooth. Poor into rubber ice cube trays ( I found theseย workedย easiest for removing once frozen!)ย and the ones provided from the baby bullet ( I needed more than this). Put in the freezer for a couple hours and then quickly pop out into storage freezer bags or containers and label them!

Each night I take out the cubes I will be using the following day for Braydens meals and let them thaw over night!

Your baby’s belly and body will thank you & so will your bank account!! I couldn’t believe how simple and cost effective this was!
( this was Braydens first time with peas!! His looks are deceiving – he loves them! )

Let me know what you end making for your little ones in the comments or am effective way you’ve made baby food!

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ’™