Tips for the new mommy

If I had to sum up mommy-hood I think I’d describe it as life changing!

  While your pregnant you have SO many people tell you how great it is, or how tiring it is and advice?! LOL you get so much over whelming advice that eventually you just stop listening before your brain explodes!
Truth is- its INCREDIBLE! Its incredibly amazing and incredibly exhausting but in such an amazing way! You are so tired but you can’t wait for them to wake from they’re nap just to see them smile again, you can’t wait to show them off and watch them learn new things. I hate missing a single moment of braydens day!

There is no words to describe the love you have for your child! And your partner? Just knowing that the two of you created such a beautiful little being increases your bond and your love for one another!

  If I was to give any advice to a new mommy, it’d be:
1. Do what you feel is right! Chances are its the right thing for your baby! You know they’re needs more than anyone!
2. Don’t let go of you! Have a 5 minute shower, put on a touch of mascara and a clean outfit! It sounds crazy now but the days fly by and before you know it its 8pm and your still in PJs! Your baby will always love you, but you have to love you also!!
3. Get out of the house! Even just a walk to get the mail, a drive for coffee or to a girlfriends house will do you and the babe good!!
4. Routine! I’m a strong believer in a healthy routine, for us we always make sure that from 5pm and on is always the same for brayden! Sure everyday is a little different they may nap longer in the morning and shorter in the afternoon – so what! Don’t stress, just find a balanced ‘routine’ that works and go with it! I know braydens has changed a few times now as he’s grown and we just do our best to make sure he has the comfort of knowing what’s happening next 🙂
5. Have time for your partner! A movie, a night out, snuggles on the couch! Anything to remember your love for each other!



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