Meeting Nourished Mommy

Hey there! I am Kandice, a Birth & Postpartum Doula – I am the one behind the scenes here at Nourished Mommy!

I am a new mom from a small town located between Woodstock/Brantford Ontario.
I am a mommy to one-My son Brayden ( don’t forget the cat & dog;) ), and a partner to my loving and supportive other half!  I have a passion for all things Mommy, Baby & healthy living, fitness related! It wasn’t until the birth of our son that I really looked into what it is a Doula does and why we play such a powerful role in the pregnancy, birth and journey into parenthood!

 As a Birth & Postpartum Doula I’m here for all of your emotionally, Physical and Informatively needs throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. The journey into motherhood is such an amazing and emotional journey, I will be here to keep you at ease, answer all unanswered questions and most of all- support you and your partners decisions on the birth and parenting path you choose to take!
You deserve the best!

Step over to “Doula services” to see how I can assist in your transition into parenthood!

Be sure to check in with our monthly Fitness challenges “Just For her” where we as a private community support one another on our journey!

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